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Terms of Service

Thanks for using our news service. By using our service, you are agreeing with our terms.



Ekdeshi.com is a News sharing portal. In this website, you can read news headlines shared from various popular national and international newspapers. These news headlines appear under a section name from where those are shared. After following a headline you are taken the original news publishing website so that you can read the original contents. We collect most of the news headlines from RSS Feeds provided by the news publishers itself. So we just share news for more efficient reading.



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To keep you update with the rapidly changing world news of every moment are important. From that inspiration, we share and provide a user-friendly news portal from which you can read the latest news headlines in one place. Its saves your time and do not need to remember all newspapers website name.



As you are using our services, we do not promise about our content because most of those are from different sources.

Example- Reliability of the content, availability, or ability to meet your needs within our services.

For the validity of the content, you can consider the original source of that content.


Any updates of our terms of services, we will notify you.

You may have suggestions, questions, or a complaint, that you can do by Contact Us any time.

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